31 May 2009


This afternoon we took a lovely Whitsunday hike in the Ötscher Naturpark. Here are a few of the pictures, the rest of which can be seen online here. We began by hiking to Trefflingfalls and then climbing up, up, up to the top of the falls and then on to Hochbaerneck, a mountain with a great panoramic view of the Ötscher (we learned, by the way, that the name Ötscher is from the Slovak word for Father, which is quite appropriate for the daddy mountain of Lower Austria).

The Alpine meadows are gorgeous, and full of the sound of cowbells.

Maria took a short break from riding on my shoulders
to pick some flowers in the meadow.

The Ötscher towers above everything else in the vicinity.

At the top of Hochbaerneck we found a convenient viewing tower.


Christina said...

Woah! Thomas has a rockin' mohawk! Love it!

Somebody Calls Me Nana said...

Nice beard you got going on there, John. Is that for the red wings until the cup is theirs?