08 May 2009

Maria's Masterpiece

I was in the other room when Maria drew this, but Katie insists she did it all herself. The only "help" Katie offered was suggesting that perhaps it would be better to draw the arms below the head, instead of sticking straight out of it. Anyways, according to Maria, this is a picture of Daddy, with a bat in his right hand, and baseballs on his other side. She doesn't know who the small person is. Perhaps her uncle/godfather could give his critque of the work. I personally think it's very good for an almost 3 year old, but then, I'm her mother, and what do I know about art anyways? (Click on the image for a larger view.)


vince said...

this is remarkable. seriously. maria has an understanding of human anatomy that far exceeds that of most aspiring artists her age. I am extremely pleased to see that she is not afraid to make mistakes and as already realized that the proper way to begin drawing a hand is simply a series of squiggles at the end of a line or "arm". seriously. great. not kidding. i could keep going. the only thing i think it is missing at this point is a little more color, but that will come with time. i suggest putting her in advanced figure classes immediately. well done maria "claude monet" joy.

Branwen said...

That really is very impressive for her age, Daniel is still just drawing squiggles and completely unidentifiable objects. Happy Mother's Day to you Lisa!

Lisa said...

Thanks, Branwen! Happy Mother's Day to you too!

Aunt Sandi said...

I would like to expound on Vince's analysis. I believe her frantic bunch of baseballs in Daddy's hand is a profound statement of his hectic schedule: juggling too many balls, if you will. Notice how they randomly tumble from his grasp.

Maria is pleading with her father to remember the simple things: baseball, beer, daughter. She is concerned with his well being and offering a bold reminder of the importance of leisure.

What a moving and expressive work of art!