14 May 2009

Clara gets a bath

Posting has been sparse of late what with finals week and all, but this picture was too funny. I walked into the shower and bath room and found Maria giving her baby Clara a bath in the bidet.

In other news, we attended the ceremonial foundation stone laying of the new construction in Trumau (where we'll be living and studying next year) on Monday. I had a final exam this morning on Theological Anthropology, and have two more remaining. Moral Theology this afternoon and Creator and Creation tomorrow morning. Katie, I think, just has one left, tomorrow morning on the Catechism.

Graduation makes Saturday a very busy day, and then on Sunday we'll make our last walking pilgrimage to Mariazell. Monday we start working frantically to pack up the entire library for the move to Trumau and then on Tuesday Katie leaves us [:(] and Maria turns 3 years old! Wednesday is our 4th Anniversary, and Thursday is the great feast of the Ascension of our Lord into Heaven. It's a busy week coming up!

Then, between working and relaxing a bit over the Summer, I also still intend to learn a little more German and to start work on a 60 page thesis dealing with St. Thomas Aquinas's theology of the Cross.

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