19 May 2009

3 Years Old


grandma said...

"When I was one, I was just begun,
When I was two, I was nearly new,
When I was three, I was almost me"

You are a great "me", Maria. As you would say, "say it" or "what you say?". Happy, Happy Birthday.
Hugs and Kisses and more.

Jacob said...

Happy birthday Maria from uncle Jake, aunt Christina and cousin Gabriel!

John said...

Jake, she got a stuffed lion for her birthday, and named him Gabriel.

Somebody Calls Me Nana said...

Happy Birthday, darling. Nana and Grandpa love you very much. You are very sweet. Thank-you for sharing Aunt Katie with us in Michigan. We will be so happy to see you in July. Hugs and Kisses.

Jacob said...

What a great name for her lion!

Katie said...

aw, was she a litte happier on her actual day? she looks happy :D lots of love (p.s. dianne roehr says to say happy birthday to maria...)