21 April 2012

A Pile of Dirt

Due to some landscaping projects happening here on campus, there is a huge pile of dirt in the field behind our flat. This is absolute heaven for the children here, and they will gladly spend morning until night playing in the dirt, coming in for lunch only grudgingly. The other night I called the kids in for dinner, and I hardly recognized Thomas when he popped up from behind the pile. He had no idea why I was giggling as we ran home, or why Katie and John immediately started laughing when he came to the door (or even why I wouldn't let him enter until he had been stripped down, or why he was placed in the bathtub before, not after, dinner). 

20 April 2012

The Birthday Month Continues

We love you, Aunt Betsy!

Hope you have a great day,
and can't wait to see you again soon!

10 April 2012

And... Happy Birthday!

April is a busy time of year. Moving across to the other side of the family, this one is for Grandpa.

We love you lots! 

07 April 2012

Happy Birthday Papou/Daddy

And another one! Whew, it's a busy week for the Imgrund family! We love you! Next year we can celebrate with you!

06 April 2012

Good Friday

The kids and I mounted an expedition to collect rocks and bricks worthy of a tomb for our divine savior. Maria and Thomas each carried a heavy one all the way from the Schloss to our home (I carried Edmund as well as all the other rocks). Lisa took charge of the construction, and Maria added the little crucifix on top as a finishing touch. Here she is with the finished product.

05 April 2012

Tigers Baseball

Note well:

The Austrian Joys will be watching Tigers' games only after Easter.
Your silence is therefore respectfully requested concerning said games in order to protect the integrity of our viewing experience.
Thank you, and Go Tigers!

Thomas and the Slide

This happened a few weeks ago, but is probably worth recording on here for the sake of posterity. Poor guy. He handled it like a champ, though.

Now for another birthday post...

Happy Birthday, Veronica!

04 April 2012

Happy Birthday, Adelaide

We can't wait to see you this summer!

03 April 2012

La Lumiere School

News update for those who haven't heard yet. I have accepted an offer to teach Latin, Ethics, and Theology at La Lumiere School, a Catholic boarding prep school in Northwestern Indiana, located in between La Porte (IN), Michigan City (IN), and New Buffalo (MI). My duties there will begin on or around August 6, 2012, so we will probably move there at the beginning of August after spending most of July in Lansing. We could hardly be more excited about this! Thanks for all of your prayers and support throughout our time in Austria, and especially as we've searched for the next step in our lives.

And thanks to St Joseph to whom we prayed for this throughout the entire month of March!

And, of course, for Mom/Grandma...