21 April 2012

A Pile of Dirt

Due to some landscaping projects happening here on campus, there is a huge pile of dirt in the field behind our flat. This is absolute heaven for the children here, and they will gladly spend morning until night playing in the dirt, coming in for lunch only grudgingly. The other night I called the kids in for dinner, and I hardly recognized Thomas when he popped up from behind the pile. He had no idea why I was giggling as we ran home, or why Katie and John immediately started laughing when he came to the door (or even why I wouldn't let him enter until he had been stripped down, or why he was placed in the bathtub before, not after, dinner). 


Somebody Calls Me Nana said...

Well...Grandpa Manny always said that you had to eat a pound of dirt before you die... do you think Thomas is getting any of his portion?

big daddy said...

It does look like the Austrians do some things right when it comes to raising children.