25 December 2010

Christmas Morning

After having gone to bed at nearly 4:00 AM...

Maria woke everyone up a little after 9:00 AM.

Edmund looks more wakeful than Katie, who had slept in the living room under the lights of the Christmas tree, with Thomas and Maria.

A new pink pillow for Maria.

A stick-horse for Thomas
(Maria got a stick-unicorn)

The obligatory reading (and re-reading) of The Nutcracker.

24 December 2010

Christmas Eve!

In the five thousand one hundred and ninety-ninth year of the creation of the world from the time when God in the beginning created the heavens and the earth;

the two thousand nine hundred and fifty-seventh year after the flood;

the two thousand and fifteenth year from the birth of Abraham;

the one thousand five hundred and tenth year from Moses and the going forth of the people of Israel from Egypt;

the one thousand and thirty-second year from David's being anointed king;

in the sixty-fifth week according to the prophecy of Daniel;

in the one hundred and ninety-fourth Olympiad;

the seven hundred and fifty-second year from the foundation of the city of Rome;

the forty second year of the reign of Octavian Augustus;

the whole world being at peace,

in the sixth age of the world,

Jesus Christ the eternal God and Son of the eternal Father,
desiring to sanctify the world by his most merciful coming,
being conceived by the Holy Spirit,
and nine months having passed since his conception,
was born in Bethlehem of Judea of the Virgin Mary, being made man.

The Nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ according to the flesh!

21 December 2010

Happy Anniversary

Happy 30th Anniversary, mom and daddy! A day late, I know. With John being busy with finals, and having no internet at home, I was unable to post yesterday. But John is done, yay, and we are told we should have internet when we get back next semester.

Hope it was a wonderful day, and that many young couples look to you to see what good, Christian marriages are made of.

16 December 2010

Presentation on Vatican Council II

We're in our first day of final exams here today, and Katie and I have each taken one already this morning. I don't have another until Tuesday, but I have to write a paper on original sin in the meantime. Just last Monday, I and a couple of other students made a joint presentation on the Second Vatican Council, in which we tried to suggest some ways in which it could be interpreted in continuity with Catholic tradition (an important question for me personally, as many of you know). One of my classmates gave some background information on the Council, I focused on the difficult question of 'religious liberty', and then another classmate offered some suggestions on the question of the possibility of salvation outside the Church. A link to my third of the presentation is on the sidebar.

05 December 2010

Winter Meetings

It's already been a busy Winter for the Tigers, who have resigned Brandon Inge at 3B and Jhonny [sp!] Peralta at SS, and then gone on to add Joaquin Benoit RP and Victor Martinez DH/C. I like the look of it so far. What do you think? Something like this for the starting lineup?

CF. Austin Jackson
2B. Carlos Guillen (until he breaks again, and then fill in Will Rhymes)
RF. Magglio Ordonez (I'm hoping they bring him back)
1B. Miguel Cabrera
DH. Victor Martinez
LF. Ryan Raburn
SS. Jhonny Peralta
3B. Brandon Inge
C. Alex Avila