05 December 2010

Winter Meetings

It's already been a busy Winter for the Tigers, who have resigned Brandon Inge at 3B and Jhonny [sp!] Peralta at SS, and then gone on to add Joaquin Benoit RP and Victor Martinez DH/C. I like the look of it so far. What do you think? Something like this for the starting lineup?

CF. Austin Jackson
2B. Carlos Guillen (until he breaks again, and then fill in Will Rhymes)
RF. Magglio Ordonez (I'm hoping they bring him back)
1B. Miguel Cabrera
DH. Victor Martinez
LF. Ryan Raburn
SS. Jhonny Peralta
3B. Brandon Inge
C. Alex Avila

1 comment:

Craig said...

That's probably pretty close, altho I'm guessing Scott Sizemore will be at 2B more than Rhymes.

I think Inge and Peralta go together - Inge's defense covers for Peralta's lack, and Peralta's hitting covers for Inge's lack. . .

I hope Avila is ready for prime time; not sure on that count. And please, Austin Jackson - no sophomore jinx. . .

I'd like to see 'em bring Maggs back, but that's far from certain, at this point. . . If they do, we should just call ourselves the Venezuelan National Team. . .

But the pitching should cover quite a few offensive shortcomings. Verlander, Scherzer & Porcello are a pretty nasty front three, and if Coke is decent, and Galarraga can find '07 again (or even just treat everyone else the way he did Cleveland). . .