30 May 2009

Vigil of Pentecost

Sorry posting has been so sparse lately. Ever since graduation, life has been really busy. We seemed barely to have time to celebrate Maria's birthday, say goodbye to Katie, and celebrate our anniversary, much less keep up on the blog. Work has been going well. John is doing some serious moving of boxes filled with library books, and furniture from apartments. I have been trying to get hours in where I can, dragging the kids along with me to the Kartause, packing up odds and ends, cleaning the old dorm rooms until they sparkle, etc. A few days ago I was given a new assignment: buying food and cooking lunches for all the workers. I can do a lot of the prep work at home (or in the shop below home) after the kids are in bed, and everyone else is enjoying not having to spend most of their lunch break cooking and cleaning up. But I'm sure everyone around here will miss seeing Thomas taking naps inside empty boxes, while Maria makes messes with the packing tape.

All in all, even though life has been busy, we are enjoying the work, and the little trips around Austria that we take on our days off. Tomorrow the plan was to climb the biggest mountain in Lower Austria, but it has been cold and raining down in our valley, and cold and snowing on top of the mountain, so we may just spend it peacefully at home. Whitmonday is a national holiday here in Austria, (we heard it's also a holy day of obligation, although we can't determine if that's true or not - we'll go to Liturgy regardless), so if the weather cooperates, we just may take a small trip somewhere Monday.

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Somebody Calls Me Nana said...

Thanks for the update, Lisa. Your life sounds happy and blessed. Can't wait to see you!
1-2-3 Mom