01 June 2009


The whole month of June is dedicated to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Feast of which falls on June 19 this year. Magisterial texts include:

~Pope Leo XIII, Encyclical Letter Annum Sacrum (On Consecration to the Sacred Heart), 1899.

~Pope Pius XI, Encyclical Letter Miserentissimus Redemptor (On Reparation to the Sacred Heart), 1928.

~Pope Pius XI, Encyclical Letter Caritate Christi compulsi (On the Sacred Heart), 1932.

~Pope Pius XII, Encyclical Letter Haurietis aquas (On Devotion to the Sacred Heart), 1956.

The mystery of the divine redemption is primarily and by its very nature a mystery of love, that it, of the perfect love of Christ for His heavenly Father to Whom the sacrifice of the Cross, offered in a spirit of love and obedience, presents the most abundant and infinite satisfaction due for the sins of the human race... (HA 35).

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