07 February 2008

St. Romuald, Abbot

St. Romuald founded the Order of Camaldoli, one of the branches of the Benedictine Order, in which the eremitical life is united with the cenobitical. He died at the age of 120 in 1027.

Today Maria learned how to spin around like a ballerina, and march like a soldier. She's added these to her tricks of waddling like a penguin, hopping like a kangaroo, and trumpeting like an elephant (in addition to making countless animal noises).


Margo said...

Two questions:

Is Maria in a gymnastics course, or just learning a lot of fun stuff from life in general?

Romuald was really 120 years old when he died? Wow! NPR just reported that a gentleman who fought in WWI just died this past Monday; he was 108. As far as anyone knows, that leaves only one American still alive who fought in WWI -- and he's 105.

Imagine: the 108-year-old man participated in *3* centuries! Born in 1898 or so, lived through ALL the 1900's, and died in 2008. Amazing. 120 years -- refined wisdom, one would hope.

John said...

No classes for Maria, just long walks around Gaming during which she loves stopping to look at all the animals. Not that she's seen elephants or kangaroos, of course...