09 February 2008

St. Cyril of Alexandria, Bishop, Confessor, Doctor of the Church

St. Cyril, Bishop of Alexandria, fought with his pen and his eloquence against the Nestorians. He presided in the name of Pope Celestine at the great Council of Ephesus, where the heresy of Nestorius was condemned, and he successfully defended the truth concerning the Mother of God and our Savior in His twofold nature of God and Man. He died in 444.

Today was another beautiful day, and both John and I are starting to feel healthy again, so we decided to take a walk. As much a we miss Michigan, it's nice to be able to see the sun between November and March! Today we took a path we have not been on before, up the hill behind the Kartause, and behind the wall that was built to protect it from the Turks. We were able to take some of our first decent pictures of the Kartause thus far. A brewery is being built in the Kartause restaurant, and there is a huge crane uglifying (John's word, Daddy, please don't yell at me) the sky-line. However we were able to work around it from behind. Maybe before we leave we will have a decent shot of the front, although we're not holding our breath.

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big daddy said...


Fret not, "uglify" is an ugly word, to name any of many ugly experiences in modern society. I'm afraid it is an unfortunately necessary word.