13 September 2007

Finally, Stambrau!

At long last we obtained the much acclaimed Stambrau bier and drank it tonight with dinner in honor of Will and Anna's wedding and the birth of Chuck and Julia's new baby Elizabeth Rose. It didn't disappoint.

This morning we obtained a coffee maker! Lisa tested it out immediately. I think she'll survive here now.

And, last but not least, little Maria. She is enjoying all her new friends here; there are over sixty children at the campus, many of them her same age. Here she is with a bandana on her head (at her own insistence) carrying a paintbrush with which to tickle her parents. She gets quite a kick out of seeing us jump.


big daddy said...

I'm glad she's retaining some of the skills she developed when she stayed with Grandma and Papou!

Grandma said...

She looks so big. Have her tickle Grandma and Papou's picture and we'll giggle.

Roman said...

Looks like you guys are having a great time in Gaming! Keep up the posts! Alles Gute!

Lisa said...

I will do that.

John said...

Good to hear from you. What are you up to now?

Will said...


I much appreciate that you hoisted a Stambrau in our honor and am glad that you got to partake in the fabled glory of the Stambrau. I'll pass on this post to Chuck. I'm sure he'll feel similarly honored, especially in the non-alcoholic nation of Iraq.