23 September 2007

17th Sunday after Pentecost

The Liturgy reminds us today of the great commandment of charity towards God and our neighbor. "The precept is twofold," declares St. Augustine, "but charity is one." We love God above all and our neighbor for His sake.

Today for Divine Liturgy Maria wore her traditional Austrian dress which we bought at a flea market in a nearby town.


big daddy said...

Now, Austrian is very nice, but you know her German heritage is "Bavarian". Got lederhosen?

Margo said...

O MY GOSH! I can't stand how *cute* that girl is!

Hope Lisa's doing better and better.

Love and Prayers,

Christina said...

Come on, big daddy, can't you recognize a dirndl when you see one? Surely you aren't endorsing cross-dressing, even at this young age?

Nana said...

Austrian/Bavarian...how about just adorable??!!?

Youngest sis said...

shes so CUTE!!!!!!!