30 September 2007

Eighteenth Sunday after Pentecost

The Liturgy today alludes to the ordinations of Ember Saturday. Christ is our Savior, and the Priests of the Church are made rich in Him. The Church is blessed abundantly in and through our Lord Jesus Christ.

This afternoon we wandered around a little bit outside. We didn't go far as Lisa is conserving her strength for tomorrow's trip to Vienna! Since tomorrow is the Feast Day of St. Therese of Lisieux (Patroness of the ITI) on the New Calendar, the whole school is making a trip to Vienna in order to hear Holy Mass offered by Cardinal Schönborn in St. Stephen's Cathedral. We'll be in Vienna around 11:00 AM, giving us plenty of time to wander around before Mass at 6:00 PM and dinner afterwards. We'll tell you all about it tomorrow!

Back to this afternoon's meanderings... Some ducks in the river that runs through Gaming quite captivated Maria's attention for some time. Here they are, and here is Maria gazing rather serenly at them oblivious to all else.


big daddy said...

Alright, what's going on with my granddaughter in Austria? That picture looks like she could be anywhere from 1 to 8 years old!!

Nana said...

Maria, You are so darn cute...and obviously smart, observant and properly curious about the world around you... in other words, brighter than most!
ich liebe du!

Anonymous said...

hey guys!!! how are you???? the pictures are great!!! love, cori and joe

Lisa said...

Cori and Joe,
Nice to hear from you. I've been telling John to get in touch with you...when is your baby coming? Don't forget to let us know. Hope everything goes well. I'll make John email Joe, ok?