18 January 2009

Second Sunday after Epiphany

After Divine Liturgy today, Grandpa and Nana took Maria to the local Cafe-Konditorei for some pastries. It's not quite Dunkin Donuts, but it's a pretty good place nonetheless. The rest of us had brunch at home, and then later on we all took a walk up behind the old Turkish wall behind the Kartause in order to take advantage of the continuing good weather. I hope you'll excuse the lack of pictures, but I think it'll be more than made up for once Grandpa and Nana make their pictures of their whole trip available.

The only real news around here is that there is no news. Lisa is hoping every minute to go into labor, but so far has not.

It seems that my parish back home is making big news lately: Fr. Z. at What Does the Prayer Really Say? has picked up Old St. Patrick's bulletin article that discusses the recent change to offering Mass ad orientem (facing the altar, not the people) every Sunday at the 10:30 Mass as well as at all the weekday Masses.

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Margo said...

a)Konditereis and Baeckeries beat Dunkin, QD, and Tim Hortonses *hands down,* any day! Americans eat American only because real pastries (and German pastries) are verily rarities this side of the Atlantic.

b) No kidding! I was quite surprised to find Old St. Pat's on the likes of WDTPRS! It was an enjoyable article -- and a good post, too.

Glad you-all are enjoying time together. Hope Lisa is doing as well as possible while waiting these last few days out.