17 January 2009


Nana and Grandpa are spending the day today in the lovely city of Mozart and "The Sound of Music" fame. I dropped them off at the train station this morning at 8:30 and I'll pick them up again this evening at 8:30. I'm sure they'll add to their growing total of over 700 pictures :)


Anonymous said...

Back home we are thrilled to see the folks having such a wonderful time!

Hey, John. I just looked at your profile. Why isn't "beer" one of your interests? And I'll take Rob Roy over Braveheart any day.

Big hugs to all of you--from Sandi.

John said...

Aunt Sandi,

You have a point, I'll update the profile right away :)

Great to hear from you, and big hugs in return from all of us to you and Uncle John.

Margo said...

I want to know: is it the Irish or the Italian bent that makes you Joys want to *count* things?!

My guess is Italian, because apart from counting pictures, it's cookies that get counted in your family, too...and those have most often been made by the former Miss Scavone. ;-)

big daddy said...


John inherited that markedly German trait of counting things when he acquired that lovely bride of his.

MargoB said...

My dear Herr Imgrund,

You can't mean that. There will only be one of her!

Oh...you mean that it's a 'markedly German trait'!

Right. ;-)