20 January 2009

First Day of Classes

Greek at 8:00 and Virtue & Vice at 9:15 went quite well, but then it just got ridiculous. There were three of us signed up for the Patrology course, which was to meet at 10:30. It turns out that the priest who was originally intended to teach the course did not get permission from his bishop to leave his diocese to come and teach for us. So, one of the priests here was asked to teach the course, and he accepted on the basis of the assumption that no one would register for the class because it was an elective. So, there we are sitting in the classroom listening to our prof. explain why he is not going to teach the class at all.

So, they have one more prof. they are going to ask to take over the course at the last moment (actually, the last moment passed awhile ago), or else the course will simply be cancelled (although why they didn't just cancel it and take it off the schedule before registration is beyond me).

Just in case then, I'm looking at other options for a class to replace this one with. My first choice, a short intensive course on the Eucharist, is already full, which means that my only real remaining choice is theological anthropology.


big daddy said...

I was hoping to substitute in a few visits to your Patrology class to make up for missing two sessions of the Dead Theologians. Now what? Theological anthropology; sounds like Theology of the Body?

John said...

Sorry to disappoint :)

The "Mystery of the Word Incarnate" class, however, looks to be a good option in that regard.

This would be only theological anthropology II (on man as the image of God); theological anthropology III is "spousal meaning of the body"

The readings for this one are a smattering of Fathers, some 10 qq. from the Summa, and then some samples of various moderns.

big daddy said...

Not having done extensive study of the discipline being termed "Theology of the Body", I will defer to your judgement; it seems, though, that "man as the image of God" must significantly inform the whole "Theology of the Body" study.

John said...

I've also done next to no study of the "Theology of the Body", but I would guess that you are right as to the relation between the two.

I suppose that the "image of God" class will focus more on man's spiritual powers, while the "theology of the body" class would treat more of the body.

Margo said...

One of the main points of the theology of the body (according to JPII) is that man is to make a total gift of himself (just as God has); that's precisely what he was made for. (see JPII's favorite line from Vatican II, Gaudium et Spes 22)

When you think of that in the context of the fact that Jesus took on ("ahnehmen") a body so He could, in a specific way, make a total gift of Himself...now you're rubbing TOB sticks together!