19 January 2009

Registration Day

Katie and I have our new class schedules for the semester.

Intro. to Greek II
Mystery of the Triune God II
Moral Theology III: Virtue and Vice
The One God II: Creator and Creation
Patrology II: Christology
Mystery of the Incarnate Word I

Intro. to Latin II
Natural Philosophy II: Motion and Order
Intro. to Scripture II
Mysterium Salutis II: Catechism of the Catholic Church
Ethics I: Ancient Moral Theory
Intro. to Theology: Man before God


Fred and Sharon said...

John, the institue seems to be going for inconguous course titles to rivial titals used by our separated brethren. They have (in Lansing) "The Original Church of God Number 2." You have "The One God II." I don't know what's covered in Patrology unless its the same thing as patristics. Otherwise, which person are you studying? "Into to Greek II" is bad enough. When do you get past the introduction and into the lanuage?

John said...

I actually thought "The One God II" sounds a lot better than last semester's "The One God I"

I suppose that's a problem inherent in dividing St. Thomas's treatise on the One God into 2 halves, though.

I think the label "Intro to Greek" is to keep us humble for a whole year, so that we don't imagine that we know more Greek than we do.

And, yes, patrology covers the same thing as patristics. Maybe since the Greek Fathers predominate in the early centuries, the institute went for the Greek based title.

Geez, though, I never thought so many questions could be generated from a simple list of my courses :)

big daddy said...

Send me a reading list so I can (theoretically) be prepared to sit in on some of your classes next month. I suppose Athanasius would be one prominent name in the Patrology class. And Mystery of the Incarnate Word.

Margo said...

John and Katie,

Who are your professors to be?

I hope you post some of your papers on the Catechism class!

John said...

Trinity: you could have a look at ST, I, qq. 27-28.

One God: ST, I, q. 14.

Incarnate Word: Irenaeus, Against Heresies, III, 18-19; Tertullian, Against Praxeas, ch. 27; Origen, On First Principles, II, ch. 6; Paul of Samosata, NE 229-230; Letters of Arius to Eusebius and Alexander, NE 283-284; Extracts from the Thalia of Arius, NE 286; NE 287-288; NE 291; Athanasius, Orations against the Arians, III

Moral Theology: ST, I-II, qq. 23-48 (on the passions).