21 January 2009

Farewell to Nana and Grandpa

This morning we waved a sad good-bye to my parents as they boarded the train for Vienna. Poor little Maria, it was one of the saddest things I've seen. After they boarded, and while we were waving to them, Maria looked round at me with a panicked look and said, "I need to get on the train!" When it pulled away without her she burst into tears, and was quite inconsolable for awhile. Still this afternoon she's asked us a couple of times, "Where are Nana and Grandpa? Are they at the Kartause?"

The week with them went by far too quickly, but it was really lovely, and I'll long remember especially the sight of my father in full sprint down the steps of the subway station in Vienna when we first met back on Jan. 12. He almost knocked us over, I think :)

Safe travels back to the USA!


John said...

Dublin airport reports that their plane from Bratislava landed safely at 7:30pm local time.

Fred and Sharon said...

Did you make that up? "Bratislava" sounds something like "Genovia" from The Princess Diaries.

Lisa said...

Bratislava is in fact a real place, the capital of Slovakia, no less. In all seriousness, ask John's parents about it. They have some good stories.

big daddy said...

Is it cheaper/easier to fly into Bratislava from Dublin, rather than Vienna? Not that it matters this time around for us.

John said...

It's definitely easier to fly into Vienna - you get to avoid the 100 minute bus ride from Bratislava into Vienna at the cost of 7.70 per person.

As for cheaper, it can be. Ryan Air flies cheap from Dublin into Bratislava and Aer Lingus flies cheap into Vienna. It just depends on where you find the better deal for the day you want.