20 February 2010

Pictures from semester break

A limited view of an impressive palace in Madrid, with lovely gardens and a beautiful blue, sunny sky.

This is the city of Avila, not far from Madrid. We went to Avila because St. Teresa lived there, so we saw her birthplace, her convent, relics, and a museum about her.

Buckingham palace, London

Big Ben (and my classmate, Dierdre)

More 0f London's fantastic gothic architecture


Somebody Calls Me Nana said...

Katie, These are lovely! Do you have an on-line album where we can see more? Miss you. Hope the new semester goes well.

vince said...


Katie said...

hm, I should probably set up a web album...I'll work on that. Miss you all too!

MargoB said...

Yes, very nice photos, Katie! I'm so glad you have the chance to study in Europe -- at a worthy institution, surrounded by such beautiful things.