03 February 2010

Korrektur eines Bloges

I received in my mailbox this afternoon an anonymous "Correction of a Blog." I think that the post in question was that of the 30th of January, which I entitled Another Day in Vienna. In that post, speaking of the Graben, I remarked that the city of Vienna had been enlarged with the money gained from Richard the Lionheart's ransom.

Here is what I received:

A vast amount of gold was paid to the Duke of Austria for the life of Richard, which caused quite a bit of an economic crisis in England. For Austria, however, it turned out to be quite beneficial: The Babenbergs were keen developers of their Alpine chunk of forest called Austria and used the money wisely for all sorts of useful things. They also founded the city of Wiener Neustadt with the ransom money, still one of Lower Austria's economic powerhouses.

I stand corrected: mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

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big daddy said...

Now I understand. This was the model for how the European Union would work!