17 February 2010

Ash Wednesday

Grant us, O Lord, the grace to begin the Christian's war of defense with holy fasts: that, as we do battle with the spirits of evil, we may be protected by the help of self-denial. Through Christ our Lord.

The beginning of Lent has this year coincided almost exactly with the beginning of a new semester. Our first day of classes was actually yesterday, on Shrove Tuesday. Speaking of which, we had a lovely carnival yesterday with some friends who joined us in partaking of big delicious pulled-pork sandwiches.

The class lineup this semester is an interesting one for me. The required class load mercifully drops from 5 to 4 for those in the last semester of the STM program, in view of the additional time required for writing a thesis. Of the 4 classes assigned for this semester, however, I have already taken classes (at Ave Maria) equivalent to 3 of them. Hence, I basically have 3 electives:

Church History II (year 2);
Philosophy of History (year 3);
Catholic Social Teaching (year 3);
while my only assigned class is Sacraments I: Eucharistic Body of Christ (year 5).

The really interesting part is that two of these are intensive block courses later in the semester. So for now I have only one class per day. Pretty nice. Although the last two weeks of April, and the first three of May will be pretty intense. If I were intelligent I'd probably finish the thesis by mid-April...


Somebody Calls Me Nana said...

Last I knew you were fairly intelligent...just saying...

John said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence :)

I'm nearing the half-way mark (30 pages) as it is, so I think I have a pretty good chance of getting this done perhaps even before Easter.

John said...

Oh, and another fun thing about the class lineup there, is that Katie is in two of the same classes: Church History and Catholic Social Teaching.