05 February 2010

Another Semester in the Books

Nana and Mrs. Brown left us yesterday morning (Thursday). I trust they made it home safe and sound, although we haven't heard anything since. We had a few more adventures with them, pictures of which will hopefully be forthcoming: Don Giovanni at the Vienna State Opera House on Sunday, Laxenburg on Monday, and Mariazell for Candlemas on Tuesday. Maria misses her Nana, and has taken to sleeping all night in the bed we moved into her room for Nana to sleep on. That's her bed now, and she says that Thomas can sleep in the child's bed in her room. I had my last exam of the semester this morning - it was on Romans, Galatians, and Hebrews - and then drove Katie and three of her friends to the metro station to send them on their way to London and then Madrid.


Somebody Calls Me Nana said...

We did make it home safe and sound.
We spent Thursday night at Aunt Barbara's and arrived home on the Amtrak around 10 last night. I am feeling somewhat jet-lagged today... thanks to the Austrian Joys and all their friends for a wonderful time!

MargoB said...

Yes, and we have Mom back, hale and whole and happy to have visited you. :) Thanks for taking good care of her!

So...will Katie perhaps meet the Prince of Spain? I hope she took her talking aeroplane! ;-)

Pop said...

It's good to have my wife back home again. Hope all the finals have gone well. Only one more term for this leg of your academic goals.
Safe and enjoyable traveling to Katie and company.
Thanks to all for taking good care of my wife.

Katie said...

It was nice having you, Mom and Mrs. B! Glad you made it home safely.

Margo: haha, oh yeah! I didn't think about that previous goal of mine when the idea came up to go to Spain. Unfortunately I did not have my talking plane so I couldn't communicate with the Prince. Hence, no marriage agreement yet :/