14 February 2010

Feast of St. Valentine

And to Lisa:

To celebrate Lisa's birthday we had an amazingly delicious lunch at Club 1516 in Vienna, an English style pub that cooks beef the right way (and doesn't mix it with pork). After such an event, supper wasn't even worth it, but Katie still made a cake and Maria decorated it. She wanted to write letters on it - and the only ones that she knows well are M, A, R, and I. The A even turned up twice. It was cute. The 26 candles almost burnt the whole thing up before we could serve it, though. It looked like Greek Saganaki.


Cousin Monica said...

Please tell us you have a picture of all that!

Somebody Calls Me Nana said...

That is a precious picture! Do my eyes deceive me, or does Maria have her hair curled?

John said...

Actually, her hair does look rather curly there, doesn't it? But I don't think anybody did anything out of the ordinary with it that day... at least, I don't remember anything.