04 April 2009


We caught the early train (05:16) out of Kienberg-Gaming, and arrived in Salzburg just before 10:00. Our first stop on the way into the city was at Mirabel Gardens where Uncle Vince Cow played in the dwarf park, and Betsy got her picture taken on the steps of Do-Re-Mi fame.

After bosna sausages for lunch we split up: Katie and Betsy went to explore the Hohensalzburg fortress while Lisa and I took the kids to check into the Hinterbruehl Guesthouse. When we met again a few hours later, we visited a few Churches (St. Peter's, the Franziskaner, the Cathedral) as well as St. Peter's cemetery and the cliff hermitage. It was quite a lovely day, warm enough in fact that ice cream cones were sounding pretty good.


Somebody Calls Me Nana said...

Nice pics. Bets, it was great to talk to you! Take care of that sore throat. Mom

Anna said...

Uncle Vince Cow is very nice, but I think I like the dwarf park better when Maria is there.

John said...

We tried really hard to get Maria to climb up on them for some pictures, but she was having none of it this year.

I think she was a little creeped out.