10 April 2009

Good Friday

Chuck, Julia, and Elizabeth arrived this afternoon together with Al and Ben. When the Byzantine Good Friday services were finished, some of us went to see Schleierfalls just outside of Gaming. It was quite impressive, especially just now with all the snow melting from the mountaintops.

Before dinner, the Bloomfield men partook of the famed Wieselburger Stambrau.

And, to Grandpa:


Will said...

Those three are looking pretty good (I'm referring to the beer).

Glad to hear everyone arrive safely.

Anna said...

Why do you put up more pictures of scruffy brothers-in-law drinking beer then you do pictures of my nieces and nephew?

Pop/ Grandpa said...

Thanks so much for the greetings and for the call. It has probably happened in the past, but I don't really recall observing (not celebrating) my birthday on Good Friday. I do recall celebrating my birthday on Easter three times!
Blessings to all in Gaming.

big daddy said...

Ah, people were wondering why the Tigers scheduled a game so early on Good Friday. It must have been to provide something for all their European fans.

John said...

And did they ever provide something! A 15-2 thrashing for a home opener win.