19 April 2009

Quasi modo Sunday

Some pictures of Aunt Betsy and the kids:


Somebody Calls Me Nana said...

1. Why is it called Quasi modo Sunday?

2. today is also Divine Mercy Sunday

3. Just for everyone's info: I checked John Patrick's baby book. He weighed 14lbs1oz at nine weeks, and 16lbs8oz at 4 months. Now we know where Thomas Joseph gets it from!

John said...

1. On account of the opening words of the Introit verse: "as if in the mode (of newborn babes)..." The hunchback received his name on account of being found in Notre Dame as a baby on this Sunday.

2. It's been Divine Mercy Sunday since 2001. This has not been integrated into the traditional calendar (and indeed the need to think about whether and how to do so with this and like feasts is one of the more interesting problems facing the reintroduction of the Tridentine Mass into the life of the Church).

Traditionally, this Sunday was also called Low Sunday or the Octave Day of Easter, Dominica in albis (the day on which the neophytes lay aside their white robes), or also Thomas Sunday (on account of the Gospel reading). That's a lot of names for one day.

Naming a Sunday from the opening word of the Introit is probably the most common way of naming Sundays other than feasts (e.g. Gaudete Sunday and Laetare Sunday). Naming Sundays from their Gospel is also common (e.g. Thomas Sunday, or Good Shepherd Sunday) although this has become rather muddled by the introduction of a three year cycle of readings.

vince said...

maria on the phone is the best ting ive seen in a long long time.

Bethsy said...

She's talking to Eli...