11 April 2009

Holy Saturday

Chuck, Al, and Ben seem determined to squeeze a semester's worth of activities into their two and a half days here in Gaming. So after making it out to the waterfall on Good Friday, we set off in the morning of Holy Saturday to find the cave where the monks used to hide from the invading Turks. Chuck had been there before, and had a general idea of where to find it, so we set out climbing straight up the mountainside. Turns out we found the top of the mountain before we found the cave. There was a nice view of Gaming from the top.

There was also plenty of snow left at the top of the mountain, so we buried our beers there to cool them down for us, and set off again in search of the cave, which was quite close by. We had only to move over a little bit and work our way down again for a short ways. The entry to the cave is a narrowing incline that one must slide down until it becomes so narrow as to force one to turn over on go stomach down, head first. Below, the narrowest point, from which one emerges into a large chamber.

Here are we all: Myself and Katie, Chuck and the Boys.

After Divine Liturgy in the evening, we came home and celebrated the Resurrection of Christ. Maria and Elizabeth with their chocolate bunnies:


Anna said...

Your guys got all dirty! At least my nieces look nice and clean for Easter.

Will said...

Who took the picture in the cave?

I'm glad you made it to the cave. It really is quite an adventure. It seems the weather for this Easter in Gaming is a bit better than it was for the last one.

BONIFACE said...

I remember Paul Bower totally got claustrophobic in that crawling part and refused to go forward...so did Anne Langbeen. Me and Rob Koechl were the last one's out...everybody else took the lights and left us alone in the big room. It was the thickest darkness I'd ever experienced. I hope you wore some clothes you don't want back...that ascent slops your clothes up pretty good.