01 July 2010

Internet Troubles

I know it's been too long since a post. That is mostly because there is not too much exciting going on, and because we've been lazy. However, the last few days we have been experiencing a lot of trouble with our internet, so posting has been impossible. We are now watching the Tiger's game from Monday night in a neighbor's apt.

Not much new here. it's been pretty hot and buggy lately, which is difficult because our windows have no screens on them (it seems some Europeans are terrified of drafts, even 90 degree drafts, so there is no point in having screens on windows that are never opened), and the mosquitos are rampant. Also, air conditioning is mostly non-exsistent. But we're trying to make do with two small fans, and I keep telling myself that in 1 1/2 months I won't be pregnant anymore, and that should make life easier!

Also, we missed Richie's birthday. So this is for you:


Branwen said...

Wow, Lisa congratulations on your pregnancy!! Somehow I completely missed that you were expecting again. When exactly are you due? I am counting down about the same time as you, to a due date of August 21st.

Pop said...

Hi Lisa,
Thanks for the update. Hang in there. You've been carrying Edmund for a long time but pretty soon, John and Maria and even Tommy can start taking their turns at helping to carry him around.
love you,

Lisa said...

Branwen, congrats to you too! I'm due August 10th.