15 July 2010

They're off!

Well, John and Maria just left for the airport. I don't know which was worse - when Maria woke up this morning (around 6) she was so excited she didn't seem to care that she had to say goodbye, or when I gave her my last hug and kiss, and she started sobbing. Please take care of them for me!

St. Christopher and St. Raphael, pray for them!

Thomas and I leave for Gaming in about an hour with a family from here. It should be a nice break just before the baby comes, and I hear it's cooler there. Blessed relief! In the high 80's instead of high 90's! Although I saw on the forecast that in a few days we should get rain, and high 60's. I never thought I'd be so excited about rain.

I'll try and post when I'm in Gaming, but I don't know what my internet access will be. In the meantime, have fun with John and Maria, and send them back soon!

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