10 July 2010

Styria and Carinthia

After another lengthly absence from the old blogger, we return with a few pictures from our day trip to the Wörthersee in sunny Kärnten (Carinthia). We left pretty early in the morning, and stopped for some breakfast in Graz, the capital of Steiermark (Styria), which is one of the big cities of Austria that we had yet to visit.
Hauptplatz, Graz

After another stretch of driving, we arrived at the little town of Maria Wörth on the Wörthersee. We promptly embarked on a little rented boat, and headed out for a picnic lunch on the water. The Wörthersee is quite close to the border of Slovenia in the South, and not much farther from the Italian border. Its water is incredibly blue, and in the Summertime the water temperature can reach from 75 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Maria Wörth am Wörthersee

After a few hours in the sunshine we headed for home by a different road in order to catch a sight of the renowned Hochosterwitz Castle. We weren't disappointed. It's easily one of the most impressive castles we've seen out here. The road up to the inner castle passes through fourteen fortified gates.

Burg Hochosterwitz

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Somebody Calls Me Nana said...

These are beautiful!
We met your godson, little Philip, today. What a cute little curly redhead! Also met his parents -nice folks.