20 June 2010

Fourth Sunday after Pentecost

And a happy Father's Day to our respective fathers! News and notes around here: we were able to visit Gaming for the first time since last Summer a week ago on Sunday for the Confirmation and First Holy Communion of the daughter of one of our professors. The next couple of days we had a mini-vacation - taking a little boat out on one of the beautiful mountain lakes not far from Gaming, and then exploring the Duernstein (the castle in which Richard Loewenherz was imprisoned) in the Wachau Valley on the Danube. Back in Trumau I got right to work on Wednesday moving furniture out of now-empty apartments, of which there are nine to be completely cleaned out and turned over by the end of the month. After that, July looks to be pretty slow in terms of work here, so it'll be a good month in which to visit Michigan, and otherwise to do some academic work, such as trying to learn German (again).

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Pop said...

Thank you and extended happy Father's Day blessings to you also. It was so nice to be able to talk with all of my children on Sunday. Mom and I met Tom at my old grade school, formerly Precious Blood, now Lincoln-King Charter School. The Detroit Community Outreach was hosting a prayer meeting for the Word of Life Community. It was nice to be able to meet the new interns for DSO. Marie Repovz is on staff this year. After the prayer meeting Mom and I drove around the block to visit my old home. One of neighbors from across the street ask if we used to live in the neighborhood. When I introduced myself the gentleman, Mr Jones, I believe, remembered my mom. It was fun. The neighborhood really still looks pretty good.