11 December 2009

We're home

Well, Thomas was released from the hospital this afternoon. He did spike one more fever last night, but the labs from this morning show the infection is clearing, so that should take care of the fevers. Thanks for all the prayers. The hospital we were in was quite wonderful, they gave us a private room because I'm nursing him, and made me a sort of pseudo-patient so I could sleep in a regular bed next to him, but it's very good to be home. At first all Thomas wanted to do was sleep, which is fine in a hospital, but for about half of yesterday, and all of today, he wanted to get out and crawl around and make trouble. It's good to see him acting himself again, and good that we're home where he can play all he wants.


Grandma said...

Praise God, health feels so wonderful after you have been sick. Enjoy every minute of your healthy kids.

Somebody Calls Me Nana said...

Thank God for all His favors - for doctors and medicine and hospitals that accommodate mothers and most of all for delightful children!

Pop said...

God is good.

big daddy said...

We're all glad he's on the mend! God be praised!