13 December 2009

Gaudete Sunday

After a lovely Latin Mass at Heiligenkreuz this morning, we came home to celebrate Gaudete Sunday with a big brunch followed by cookies, eggnog, and decorating of the tree. Lacking rose colored ornaments, we added red.


Anna said...

Glad to see the little guy looking so happy.

Lisa said...

He's much better. Still a little tired (he and his mother just took a long nap, shortly after waking up for the day), but other than that he's perfect.

The Grumpy Old Man said...

VERY good news. I hope you told Nana G.

Uncle J

big daddy said...

Well, I'm glad someone's upholding the Imgrund tradition! Since we knew we wouldn't have time Sunday afternoon (what with John's folks having their St. Lucy shindig and all), we set up the tree last Thursday. And no little children able to run around and help anyway.

Betsy (OP at heart!) said...

Is Thomas jousting? He looks like he's having tons of fun.
I can't believe how long Maria's hair is getting! It's crazy.


Totus tuus Maria!