09 December 2009

Prayers Please

Lisa took Thomas into the hospital in Eisenstadt this morning, because of a fever that reached 40.1 (that's just a bit over 104 Fahrenheit). They'll be there for the next couple of days so that the medical folks can keep an eye on him. Maria and I were there this afternoon, and he seemed okay - just a little bit frustrated with the I.V. running out of his hand. They got rid of the fever, but hopefully they can also get rid of whatever caused it.


Grandpa said...

We'll be offering lots of prayers. We love and miss all of you.
Grandpa Joy

W. said...

Will be praying for him and you all.

big daddy said...

We'll be praying for him as well, and for all of you.

Grandma said...

Papou and I will certainly pray for Thomas and all.