26 July 2009

Salzburg on the Feast of St. Anne

Sunday, which was the feast of St. Anne, we left Munich early in order to make it to Mass at St. Sebastian's in Salzburg. After a glorious Liturgy, we had lunch and did the usual walking tour of Salzburg. We then took the funicular up to the fortress, and wandered around a bit. Here is a picture of the fortress from Mirabell gardens.

When we had seen everything that was to be seen in the fortress, we hiked along the mountainside until we came to the Augustiner Brewery, which came highly recommended to us by nearly every Bloomfield we have ever met. A few beers and schnitzels later, we left for a lovely stroll through Mirabell gardens, and then into the car for the journey home.

Sunday was also Christina Anne Poynter's birthday! So Happy Belated Birthday to you!

And Happy Name Day to all three of the sisters!


Christina said...

Thanks for the birthday/nameday wishes!

Busha/Dzia Dzia said...

Hey Pete it is nice to see all your adventures with John and Lisa. Beautiful castles and a nice lake resort area. I am glad you all are having a great time. See ya soon.


Anna said...

Umm, That was actually more MY name day then it was Christina's, I'm not sure how I feel about this oversight.