24 July 2009


Friday it was off to Munich. First we stopped by some members of Bread of Life community near Munich to drop off our stuff. Two families had very graciously offered to give us a place to stay while we were in town.

We then rode the train into the city. We were all pretty ravenous at that point, so we went first to an open air market, grabbed some food, and then settled down to eat with huge mugs of beer to wash it down.

After lunch, we did a quick walking tour of Munich.

Maria was sleeping when we ate lunch in the market, and was quite hungry when she awoke. When asked what she wanted to eat, she quickly responded that she wanted a pretzel as big as her head.

Dinner was more beer. We went to the biggest beer hall in the world, of Oktoberfest fame, the Hofbräuhaus. A grand time was had by all. Here is Peter slamming down his liter mug of beer.


Christina said...

Sweet! Who did you guys stay with?

Pop said...

It comes in liters?!?!

John said...

We stayed in the home of the Schwarz's, and Peter and Sara stayed with the Schmelzer's. It was really nice.

Granma Imgrund said...

Ah Munich, I never felt so at home than in Munich, or was it the beer?
Anyway, the churches, the restaurants, the angry shoppers reminded me so much of Portland St Patricks and St Marys in Westphalia. I am sure all the Zimmermans, Fedewas, Joymannns and DeWitmans are looking down and smiling.....