30 January 2008

St. Martina, Virgin, Martyr

This noble Roman Virgin was beheaded after the most atrocious torments, in 228.

We found a very cool list of lists that Catholics should know on the site Fish Eaters. This is really a great website, and thanks again to my Dad for sharing it with us. It has all kinds of fun customs and traditions for families.

7 Sacraments (we knew all 7)
7 Corporal works of mercy (we only knew 5)
7 Spiritual works of mercy (4)
3 Eminent good works (2)

This is getting embarrassing...

7 Gifts of the Holy Spirit (7 - John laughed when I said, "wonder and awe"...)
12 Fruits of the Holy Spirit (10)
3 Theological virtues (3)
4 Cardinal virtues (4)
7 Capital sins... (we knew all 7 of these...)
7 Contrary virtues (...but only 6 of these; what does that say?)
6 Sins against the Holy Ghost (3)
4 Sins that cry out to Heaven (4)
3 Conditions for mortal sin (3)
9 Ways we participate in others's sins (4)
10 Commndments (woo hoo! 10!)
2 Greatest commandments (2)
3 Evangelical counsels (3)
6 Precepts of the Church (6)
6 Holy days of obligation (in the U.S.A.) (6)
3 Powers of the soul (2)
4 Pillars of the Catholic Faith (4)
3 Pillars of the Church's authority (3)
3 Munera (duties of the ordained) (3)
3 Parts of the Church (3)
4 Marks of the Church (4)
12 Apostles (12 - I can say them all in three seconds, thanks Dad!)
12 Tribes of Israel (12 - thanks again, Dad)
8 Beatitudes (8)
14 Stations of the Cross (14)
7 Sorrows of our Lady (4)
7 Joys of our Lady (4)
7 Sorrows of Joseph (4)
7 Joys of Joseph (4)
15 Mysteries of the Rosary (15)
7 Days of Creation (6)
9 Choirs of angels (9)
3 Levels of reverence (3)
14 Holy helpers (7)
7 Last words of Christ (7)
4 Last things (4)

Overall, we're a little bit ashamed... especially the one of us who studies theology. Final score: 228 out of 266 (86%). For a bit of fun, test yourself and post your total score in the comment box if you like. Gold star to the winner!


Anna said...

I think I'll save myself quite a bit of embarassment and not take the quiz. I concede that I would surely score far lower than 86%, but I do know all 7 days of creation.

Lisa said...

Yeah, we totally missed out on the creation of sun, moon, stars. We lumped them in with light, and put water creatures on a separate day from birds. What can I say...

Jim said...

I'll give it a try, but I don't think I'll post my score. I can tell you now that It would be worse than embarrasing. Especially since I'm researching the traditions of all of this. Must be an age thing, you know, long term loss of short term memory.

Dad said...

Johnny- You're very welcome. It's good to know that some of the Bible Time drilling has stood the test of time. You started Bible Time when you were four yrs old. I'll wager Maria will be ready to learn a lot before she reaches the ripe old age of four.



Nana said...

How to remember the 12 apostles:
B - Bartholomew
A - Andrew
P - Peter and Philip
T - Thomas and Thaddeus
I - James, James, John, Judas
S - Simon
M - Matthew
Good way to teach Kids.
1-2-3 Mom

Lisa said...

That's great, although I don't think I'll use it. My dad taught us based on one of the orders listed in the Bible (he bribed us with m&ms if we could say them all), and I knew them when I was very young (maybe 3 or 4?). And then when I was in 2nd grade we had to memorize them based on BAPTISM. When it was my turn to recite them in front of the class, I asked if I could do it in my order, which would have taken all of a few seconds. My teacher said no, I had to do it her way. So I stood up there and ran through the list in my head until I came to "Bartholomew," then I had to do the same thing with the remaining letters, it took forever, and my teacher thought I didn't know them well enough. Grrrrr. (She also didn't like that my 10 Commandments were worded a little differently, even though I was one of the only students who knew them!)
Ok, that was a long rant. Any other fun devices you know of to teach kids, I would love to hear.