27 January 2008

Sexagesima Sunday

Jesus is our Redeemer and by His saving doctrine gives life to souls.

In the Collect (opening prayer) of today's liturgy the Church beseeches God to "mercifully grant, that by the protection of the Doctor of the Gentiles we may be defended against all adversities." I learned from Fr Zuhlsdorf that St. Paul's protection is explicitly invoked today because today's Station Church in Rome is the Basilica of St. Paul outside the Walls (where we recently were!). The inscription on the statue of St. Paul in the courtyard of the Church reads: Praedicator Veritatis et Doctor Gentium. You can't see this because I took the picture at a funny angle in order to keep the scaffolding out of the shot.

A Station Church, by the way, is the place where according to ancient custom the pope and clergy of the city would gather to say Mass that day, leading the faithful to the site in solemn procession.

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