09 October 2007

St. John Leonardi, Confessor

This holy priest of Luna in Tuscany founded the Congregation of Regular Clergy called “of the Mother of God,” and other Institutes. He died at Rome on October 9, 1609. St. John Leonardi was beatified by Pope Pius XI. Pius XII extended his feast to the whole Catholic world in 1940.

We have gotten to know a really wonderful couple here from India and they have a little boy who is just one month older than Maria. Lisa and Vidya have been taking the kids on walks together the past few days as the weather has been beautiful. Below is some of the scenery from their walk today.

Here are Maria and Eli (Elijah) looking at some ducks swimming on a pond. Eli is 100% boy!

And here are the culprits caught holding hands on their walk.


big daddy said...

Put the kabosh to that RIGHT NOW!! You know where that ends up!

Next thing you know, he'll need to take shelter in your camper because of a storm!

Debbie Bloomfield said...

Dear John and Lisa,
I don't have an e-mail address for you, but have checked your blog ocassionally since Lisa's dad gave me the link.
We were sorry to hear about the apendicitis (sp?) vis Aunt Rose via your grandparents visiting Chicago. You must be well again going for walks. How beautiful!
Fr. Andy said Mass at St. Josaphat on Sunday. Thought you'd like to see some pictures! http://picasaweb.google.com/rgbloomfield/StJosephatChurchTLMOctober142007
God bless!
Deacon and Mrs. Bloomfield

Anna said...

Who knew ducks could be that interesting. And scary, judging from Eli's reaction

Branwen said...

Hmmm, I'll make sure that Daniel doens't see that last picture just to prevent any hard feelings or rivalry :)

youngest sis said...

John its already time to get the bat out

John said...

Thanks for the link. The pictures were beautiful, wish we could have been there. Will has our email addresses if you ever want or need them.

Christina said...

Ah, young love. Austria truly is a romantic place.