06 October 2007

St. Bruno, Confessor

St. Bruno, born at Cologne, retired with six of his friends to one of the desert mountains of Dauphiny in the southeast of France. There he established the first house of the Order of the Carthusians. He died on October 6, 1101.

It just so happens that the Kartause was a Carthusian monastery, home of many of St. Bruno's spiritual children. This morning the Divine Liturgy was offered for Fr. Gerald's health and well being and afterwards the ITI community was consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary as part of the First Saturday devotion to the Immaculate Heart. Here is Maria on our way home after the Divine Liturgy:

This evening we took a walk a little ways up from the center of the town. Here is the view looking back toward where we live:


Father Gerald said...

Thank you so very much for having the Mass offered for me. I heard you called earlier this week and the person who took the call failed to get your number. Things have been even more hectic than usual as we try to understand what is really the problem and think about treatment protocols. I myself, while accepting the Lord's will with peace, am shocked at the developments. Even so, I have not lost a moments sleep; I am only shocked insofar as thinking of myself in good health. Anyway, I will try to get your number from your folks or you can email me at yahoo if you like and tell me what time is good for me to call. If I can, I would love to hear your voice again. Yesterday and today I offered the Divine Sacrifice for those who are praying for me. Thanks and I love you all. It is a delight to see all these pictures. Maria is growing like crazy! Love, Father Gerald

big daddy said...

That is a really cute child! I'm glad she enjoys the Divine Liturgy so much!

Nana said...

What an adorable little girl...not a baby anymore! Papa says our plan is to come to Europe in January of '09...so we won't be seeing you until May...it seems far away, but I know will go fast. 1-2-3

John said...

January of '09, eh? We're looking forward to it.