31 October 2011

The Vienna Zoo (again)

We decided to go into Vienna for Mass for the Feast of Christ the King. It was glorious, with orchestra playing Haydn, and exposition of the Blessed Sacrament with the Litany to the Sacred Heart and Benediction following Mass.

Of course, the children believe that no trip to Vienna is complete without a visit to the zoo. Fortunately, after a week of cold and rain we woke up to sunny skies, and it was warm enough to go without a coat for most of the day. The zoo is so large that we haven't seen all of it yet, and yesterday we found something very exciting! They seemed like large rats at first, until I saw one stand on his hind legs and start jumping. Wallabies! I had no idea they were so small.

We also made it for the Tiger feeding.

There is a new baby sea lion.

And the goats were playful! Usually it takes a lot of coaxing to get them out and pet them, but they were quiet happy to eat the leaves Thomas brought them.

We put Edmund on a statue of a panda bear for a picture, and then couldn't get him off. He loved it.

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big daddy said...

Wallabies start small but grow bigger!

(That's a - very - inside joke for you lookers-on for the first time.)