01 November 2011

New from the Monastery of San Benedetto, Norcia

Our most beloved monastery has released a trailer for a full length documentary that will be released this year at Christmas. The monk whom you see below offering Mass is our dear friend Fr. Basil OSB, a fellow graduate of the ITI class of 2010. We have traveled to Norcia on three separate occasions for the priestly ordinations of our friends there; I spent the better part of a week there making a kind of monastic retreat while Lisa and the kids were in Michigan for a wedding summer 2009; we all spent two weeks there this past summer for the Saint Albert the Great theology program; and we are already looking forward to returning to Norcia next summer for the same! Sneak preview of probable dates for anyone thinking of joining us... June 24 to July 7.

"The documentary, filmed in the summer of 2011, takes you into the life of the Benedictine monks of Norcia. Release date: Christmas, 2011. Documentary filmed, produced, and edited by Peter Hayden and Wilderland FIlm Studios. ~ On December 2, 2000, a tiny band of American monks with faith and courage and not much else re-founded monastic life in Norcia, Italy at the birthplace of St. Benedict. Powerful forces hostile to the faith had expelled the monks in 1810 and almost two centuries were to pass before Providence brought them back. Inspired by the Holy Rule, these monastic pioneers are going back to the roots of the Benedictine tradition. Chanting the Divine Office in Latin by day and by night at the very place where their holy patron was born, they are able to return to the spirit of their founder, as Vatican II urged all religious to do, in a very tangible way. As a result, something extraordinary is happening in Norcia. Young men from around the world, leaving home and country for the love of Christ, are drawn to the new monastery and commit themselves to stability, conversion of life and obedience at the birthplace of their founder. Their goal is focused and compelling: to prefer nothing whatever to the love of Christ!"

© 2011 Wilderland Film Studios.

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