06 October 2011

Climbing Schneeberg

This past Sunday, after an early Divine Liturgy, a group of us set out to climb the highest mountain in Lower Austria, the Schneeberg (2076m). We left Maria and Thomas with their Aunt Katie for the day, but took Edmund with us in a backpack.

The first hour or so of the hike we had a pleasant stroll with a brilliant view of the mountain peak we would eventually reach. After that, it wasn't so much a hike as a long scramble over huge rocks (you can see in the first pic below how rocky it gets above the tree line). This, in my opinion, is way more fun and exciting than simply walking up, up, up. We did, however, join part of our group in taking the (VERY) long, less steep and rocky path down, to avoid dropping Edmund down the mountain.

Edit: Actually, Edmund wasn't IN the backpack. John carried the backpack, and I had Edmund in the baby carrier most of the way (he finally let us switch about an hour from the bottom).

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big daddy said...

Not much Schnee on that Berg! Probably a good thing though. What a beautiful view.