07 February 2009

Picture Album

We've finally gotten around to making an online picture album of little Thomas. You can view the pictures by clicking here, and we'll have it permanently linked on the sidebar as well.


Aunt Sandi said...

Hope you guys don't mind, I swiped a photo for the cookbook!


John said...

We don't mind at all, Aunt Sandi :)

Cindy Q. said...

Wow what a handsome little guy! Congrats to your family. Nana and Grandpa Joy showed off Thomas to us last night. They are so proud. They also showed us there pics with some narative of their fabulous trip. Happy to hear Papa and Garndma I made it safely to your home. Maria's Aunt Betsy can hardly wait to visit. God's choicest blessings to you all. Cindy Q.