14 February 2009

Commemoration of St. Valentine

Priest, Martyr
This holy Roman priest assisted with other pious Christians a great number of martyrs. He was beheaded under Aurelian in 270. 

Happy birthday and happy Valentine's day to my lovely wife.

We made Lisa (well, mostly Katie made it) omelets and hash browns for breakfast, with Irish coffee. When we all had our backs turned after breakfast, Maria made her move for the whipped cream.


Aunt Jenny said...

Lisa, I remember the day you were born! Enjoy your birthday with your special Valentines! Maybe a nap for Mom?

Anna said...


I wrote you a birthday haiku:

You are 25,
One hundred seventy-five
if you were a dog.

Love you lots.

big daddy said...

Anna, that is great! And the fives and sevens work both mathematically and literarily. Excellent!

We're back from Vienna, by the way, exhausted and ready to rest up by helping to watch our two grandchildren!

Somebody Calls Me Nana said...

That's my girl!