30 January 2012

Thomas's Third Birthday

The day begins with oatmeal (Thomas's choice) and the first of the birthday presents. Thomas the Tank Engine DVDs exclusively in German. It's time for him to start picking up some of the language around here.

After lunch we went to the zoo. Every time we've gone to the zoo (which is fairly frequently) over the past year, Maria has ridden a pony and Thomas has been told "you have to wait until you're three." Well, the big day finally came - the day on which Thomas could ride a pony - and we discovered too late that Monday is the ponies' day off. So, we'll have to go again next week on a day other than Monday. Fortunately, Thomas bore the disappointment well and we enjoyed the rest of the zoo.

After dinner (Thomas requested Schnitzel and Fries) he got to unwrap another present, this one from Papou and Grandma. Edmund was kind enough to help out with the business of unwrapping. Then, finally, a very cool train-cake.

Happy Birthday, Big Guy!


Mr Joy said...

Dare I say, cutest 3-year old ever?!!?
So grown up and sweet.

Monanica said...

That cake is amazing!