03 January 2012

Happy New Year!

Here is a selection of pictures from our recent trip to Belgium for the wedding reception of some friends who got married this past Summer in Michigan. We left Maria and Thomas with their Aunt Katie, but took Edmund with us on an 11 hour train ride from Vienna to Brussels. We spent the first night there, and then went on to Ghent the next morning. The artistic highlight of the trip was the Ghent Altarpiece, which we saw in the cathedral there, but the city itself was beautiful as well.



That same afternoon, we got back on the train to head to Brugges, where we would spend our second night. Our first view of the city was at night. The market square was beautifully lit up, with an ice rink set up in the center. The next day we spent some more time wandering Brugges before going to the wedding reception in Kortrijk. After that it was up again early the next day, back to Brussels, and then onto the long train ride back to Vienna.

Market Square

Belgian Beer Shop


Town Hall


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