20 July 2011

An Idea for a University in London

This looks interesting: The Benedictus Trust brings us 'A Proposal for Liberal Arts Education' based on the principles of Blessed John Henry Newman's Idea of a University.

From their website: "We seek to establish in this country a course of learning at foundation and undergraduate level, a return to true liberal education with the study of the traditional liberal arts, encompassing what are usually known as the humanities and mathematics, to be studied alongside philosophy and theology, using as texts the greatest works of the European tradition. This study will be fully integrated with courses on the history, arts, culture and languages of Europe."

... a University, taken in its bare idea ... has this object and this mission; it contemplates neither moral impression nor mechanical production; it professes to exercise the mind neither in art nor in duty; its function is intellectual culture; ... it educates the intellect to reason well in all matters, to reach out towards truth, and to grasp it. (The Idea of a University, Discourse VI, I)

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big daddy said...

You know, if existing Catholic colleges would just stay true to their heritage, we wouldn't have to keep starting up new ones.

There are two Catholic grade schools in the U.S. that have adopted a classical approach to their education. Here's a note about one of them:


We should probably avoid reading Newman. Otherwise, we'll start to understand the rich intellectual heritage of the Catholic Church that we didn't get.